BlueWave Warehouse Management System is the best in it’s class. Featuring user friendly interface, incredibly effective and affordable for your warehouse operation, inventory and order fulfilment across B2B and B2c commerce environment.

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Develoer Support

Streamlined application and script development

Fast time-to-market support plan that helps maintain ongoing alignment with your business goals.
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Target Audience
  • Organizations that are customizing and leveraging BlueWave APIs to manage large/highly complex environments.
  • Developers and administrators building management solutions using BlueWave APIs
Service Highlights
  • Access experienced BlueWave API engineers to help streamline your application and script development and testing, and get to market faster.
  • Take advantage of expert assistance to guide your development process, including sanity checks, best practice recommendations, and work-around suggestions.
  • Avoid exposing your proprietary code in public forums by interacting with our knowledgeable engineers in confidence
Our Advantage

Our Developer Support offering provides access to BlueWave Application Programming Interface (API) expert engineers to get your solutions to market quickly. These professionals have years of experience working with third-party solutions, and possess in-depth knowledge of BlueWave APIs. This program is ideal for Independent Software/Hardware Vendors (ISVs/IHVs), commercial and enterprise organizations building solutions for managing WMS systems/environments.

Service Exclusion

The Production Support excludes:

• Troubleshooting for interconnectivity or compatibility problems

• Services required due to failure of the Customer to incorporate any system fix, repair, patch, or modification provided to the Customer by BlueWave

It is noteworthy that our Developer Support engineers will not write or test your code, but they may suggest sample code for a possible solution.


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