BlueWave Warehouse Management System is the best in it’s class. Featuring user friendly interface, incredibly effective and affordable for your warehouse operation, inventory and order fulfilment across B2B and B2c commerce environment.

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Track your products in greater details

Enabling your team to see accurate details on demand without having to gather them first by communicating with other teams, departments and partners.
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Product Types

BlueWave supports several product types that have different behaviour, ranging from physical products, consumables, services, digital products.

Expiration Dates

Track expiration dates on products, using first expire, first out (FEFO) for greater efficiently in your product rotation practice; hence, reducing waste.

Multiple barcodes

Create custom barcodes with specific codes to implement desired behaviors, such as a specific promotion.

Custom fields

Add as many custom fields as you want on products to handle your business needs.

Multiple unit of measures (UoM)

We support multiple unit of measures and converts automatically for you.

This would range from buying per tons and sell in kilo; buying products in bigger packs from your supplier and selling them in units to your customers.

Finding it tough to handle unit of measure in your warehouse?

Let's connect and discuss about your current challenges.