BlueWave Warehouse Management System is the best in it’s class. Featuring user friendly interface, incredibly effective and affordable for your warehouse operation, inventory and order fulfilment across B2B and B2c commerce environment.

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aligning your inventory

Reduce your inventory investment and fulfill orders at lowest cost to yet meet your customers growing demands; while maintaining high service levels.
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Minimum Stock

Have proposition of purchase orders (or request for quotations) created by BlueWave based on your future stock forecast.


Purchase raw materials or manufacture products to order. Define your own routes specific to warehouses, products, orders, etc.

Request for Quotations

Want to negotiate a price with suppliers every time you buy a specific product? BlueWave can trigger request for quotations automatically based on future needs.


Addressing supply chain challenges Through Machine Learning

Producing optimal replenishment quantities, purchase orders, ordering cadence to achieve your business objectives.

Driven by the machine learning–based Market Demand Forecasting, our replenishment system accurately optimizes promotional orders and inventory levels across the supply chain.

Slow-moving products

Coupled with a machine learning forecast, slow-moving items are optimized for replenishment through true mathematical optimization techniques that maximizes the sales opportunity by balancing the right service level and productive inventory.

Seasonal and/or fashion

With products coming into and out of assortments with more frequency, there’s an emphasis to effectively manage the inventory at end of life to maximize margin by reducing markdown inventory through replenishment.

Optimally moving goods

BlueWave Replenishment system utilizes time-series order and inventory plans based on optimizing all nodes simultaneously considering various costs of moving, storing and touching goods and recommends the timing of orders considering container constraints, bracket prices, and more.

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